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We are enthusiasts with a zeal to create a positive impact.
Our impact has grown beyond the borders of Lagos and Nigeria
We are building one of Africas' largest network of AI experts

The pool of true experts in the field is small, and Alibaba, Amazon, Facebook, Google, Microsoft and other tech giants have hired many of them.

- Artificial Intelligence: The Next Digital Frontier

Our Story

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is changing the world, offering new opportunities for innovation and societal change.

Recognizing the potential but also the challenges—especially the skill gap in Africa—AI Saturdays was founded in 2018.
Our goal: to bring AI knowledge and skills to everyone through free, accessible classes in Lagos, Nigeria.
Through our efforts, we've launched several successful cohorts, contributing to the growth and understanding of AI in our region.

Join us on this journey to explore and shape the future of AI.

Our Learning Tracks

Data Science and Machine Learning

Dive into the core of D&S with this concise track. Learn to analyze data, develop algorithms, and apply machine learning techniques through practical projects.

Deep Learning

From neural networks to advanced algorithms, you'll learn to build sophisticated Machine Learning models. Perfect for those looking to dive deep into AI's cutting-edge technologies.


Designed for curious minds aiming to push the boundaries of knowledge, this track offers the fundamentals of scholarly research, methodology, and critical analysis. 

Latest Updates

Two projects from the AI6 Lagos research track received IndabaX- AI4D research grant worth $8000

Application for the 8th cohort is open

If you are eager to learn data science, machine learning or deep learning, then you should consider applying.

Application for voluteers

Consider applying if you would want to assist in making the 6th cohort a success. This is an opportunity for you to impact our community positively.

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